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arrowWhat Duck Who?

YOU are the Different Duck, Kicking!

You’re the Different Duck if you master the Six Kicks of Permanent Weight Loss — different than you've been in the past (with failed attempts and yo-yo dieting) and different than the majority of fat, sick, discouraged Americans.

There IS a way to lose weight permanently. To a person, everyone who loses weight and keeps it off for 5 years or more does it this way. The Six Kicks Program, created by a compulsive overeater who lost 110 pounds in 1991, is based on this permanent weight-loss process.

So you’re the Different Duck, and you’re kicking yourself. Not kicking yourself as in:

You’re kicking yourself as in:

Kick the diet habit;
Feel the kick to be free.
A kick in the pants
Kicks it up a degree.
On a health kick,
Alive and kickin me.

Six Kicks is designed for: