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The Six Kicks

Kick 1: Own Your Weight Fate

Kick 1:  Own Your Weight Fate

Take charge to succeed. Don’t, and you won’t.

Diets don’t work. They keep you in the role of a dependent child obediently following instructions.  Sooner or later, the child rebels and goes off of the diet, not having learned anything about what works for him or her. Discover how to approach weight-control with an adult attitude that works.

Kick 2: Face the Food Facts

Kick 2:  Face the Food Facts

Learn what’s healthful to eat, and eat that most of the time.

  • Develop “Nutrition Know How” and foster “What-and-How-to-Eat Savvy”.
  • Examine 6 common nutrition misconceptions that sabotage your efforts to control your weight.
  • Uncover food-industry deceptions that hurt your health, and learn how to avoid them.
  • Find out how to shop, read food labels, cook, eat out, and socialize without defeating your weight-control goals.
Kick 3: Work the Five Factors

Kick 3:  Work the Five Factors

Make every decision in light of these 5 factors and you’ll make the next right-for-you choice.

Only 5 in 100 people lose weight permanently, so the odds are against you. To have a chance of making and maintaining a weight loss, you have to know what you’re up against. If you stay ever-aware of these 5 factors, you’ll increase your odds of being among those who succeed.

Kick 4: Think Straight to Lose Weight

Kick 4:  Think Straight to Lose Weight

Defeat negative thoughts so they don't defeat you.

  • Discover the single most important quality of someone who loses weight permanently, and learn how to develop that quality to ensure success.
  • Master skills to change your mind to change your life.
  • Unveil the surprising secret to ending ‘emotional eating’.
Kick 5: Motivate

Kick 5:  Motivate

Motivate to get results; and motivate to keep them.

  • Explore getting and staying motivated to accomplish your goals.
  • Inspect the behavior-change process and find the change method that’ll work for you.
  • Anticipate and overcome obstacles that threaten your success.
Kick 6: Elevate

Kick 6:  Elevate

Lighten up as you lighten up!

  • Relax.
  • Find humor.
  • Relieve stress.
  • Be a H.O.G. (Hope-Optimism-Gratitude attitude).
  • Balance (put it all together).