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The Six Kicks Academy™

Six Kicks is a weight-management program that focuses on examining and optimizing lifestyle choices to bring lasting changes you desire. 

Customize this modular program to include one, all, or some of the following components:

  1. “Six Kicks from a Different Duck” Seminar
  2. “Alive and Kickin’ ” Workshops
  3. “Let’s Lose” Support Group
  4. “You Can Do It!” Personal Coaching
Kick 5: Motivate

“Six Kicks from a Different Duck” Seminar

The Six Kicks Seminar is a comprehensive lifestyle-and-weight-management presentation. Using what’s covered in this seminar, you can begin to custom-build a unique lifestyle-and-weight-management program that will work for you.

Seminar topics help you to:

  • Understand why 67% of Americans are overweight and what to do if you’re one of them.
  • Learn why dieting doesn’t work and find out what does work.
  • Discover the single most important quality of someone who loses weight and keeps it off, and learn how to develop that quality to ensure success.
  • Examine six common nutrition misconceptions that sabotage your efforts to control your weight.
  • Uncover food-industry deceptions that hurt your health, and learn how to avoid them.
  • Explore getting and staying motivated to accomplish your goals.
  • See how you can change your mind to change your life.
  • Inspect the behavior-change process and find the change method that’ll work for you.
  • Unveil the surprising secret to ending “emotional eating.”
  • Anticipate and overcome obstacles that threaten your success.
  • Find out how to shop, read food labels, cook, eat out, and socialize without defeating your weight-control goals
Kick 5: Motivate

“Alive and Kickin’ ” Workshops

Kick start your Six Kicks Program with concept-strengthening workshops. Workshops feature interactive participation in exercises and group discussion that reinforce key concepts presented in the Six Kicks Seminar. (Seminar attendance is a prerequisite to Workshop participation.)

Concrete exercises and weekly “homework” assignments give you practice in weight-management skills.

Kick 5: Motivate

“Let’s Lose” Support Group

Join a Six Kicks Support Group for an infusion of hope and encouragement. Group meetings are facilitated discussion-and-support sessions that give you an opportunity to share your experiences, discuss Six Kicks concepts, and benefit from the success of others.

Support Groups are ongoing. Attend as often as you like after taking the Six Kicks Seminar.

Kick 5: Motivate

“You Can Do It!” Personal Coaching

If you want individual attention, meet with the Six Kicks personal coach. Sessions are offered independently of the seminar, workshops, and group sessions, or provided while you’re participating in those Six Kicks Program components.

All information is strictly confidential. There’s no obligation to purchase any particular number of sessions or complete them within any particular timeframe. Sessions are on an as-needed basis, depending on availability.