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Current Kick (in the Pants)

When we’re busy, bored, preoccupied, or in a rut, we often decide what and how much to eat without really thinking - automatically or out of habit.

Studies show that keeping a food diary helps people lose weight. The simple act of writing down what we eat eases us out of autopilot and into awareness. People report that just knowing they’ll have to record their intake helps them decide against food items they don’t want to see hike up their day’s total calories.

Technique: For one week, write down everything you eat and drink. On a sheet of paper or in a notebook, record what each item is, approximately how much of it you consume, and the approximate amount of calories it contains. Each day, keep a running total of calories so that you know how many you’ve consumed as the day progresses. Use a calorie-counter book, library book, website, and/or food labels for calorie counts.

Food Diary

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