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Six Kicks Creator's Credentials

Joyce then and now.My daughter, Erin, took this picture of the 220-pound, 5’4” me on the campus of the University of California at Davis when I came to visit her at college. That day, Erin’s Art History professor was having an exhibit of her personal artwork, and Erin asked if I’d like to attend.

“Honey, I can’t go looking like this,” I said, shocked that she’d even suggest it.  “I’d embarrass you in front of your teacher!” 

“Mom,” Erin replied without hesitation, “you never embarrass me.” 

Years later, I remember that moment as if it just happened. At Erin’s kind words, I flushed with shame and felt undeserving of my precious daughter’s unconditional love. Was she blind to my atrocious appearance?  My heart melted at her generous oversight. Still, despite intense feelings of humiliation and disgust, it would be months before I’d finally make the decision to change my life for good.

Origins of Six Kicks

“How did you do it? What’s your secret?” If I tell them my story, people are astonished at the sight of my normal-sized self.  In 1991, I lost 110 pounds, and I’ve kept the weight off ever since. Invariably, the next eagerly asked question is: “How long did it take?”

It took me just ten months to drop 110 pounds. That’s fast! Far faster than I’d attempt today or recommend others try. But I was on a mission. I was driven. I had no reason for taking breath other than to free myself from fat, piled roll upon revolting roll.

How did I do it? With Six Kicks. That’s what I call the tools I devised to stay motivated enough to make the next right-for-me decision. Nothing I had tried over the years had worked.  So I began reading about nutrition and motivation and behavior theory and psychology and physical fitness. I tried out eating approaches and recipes and I began walking every day. I was “doing”, not “dieting”. Using trial and error and hindsight evaluation, I learned what to do.

Why Six Kicks?

Keeping weight off is a fine line between kicking yourself to stay on your program and feeling the kick of being energetic, copacetic, and in control. Thus, the Six Kicks. The Six Kicks adjust us along the fine line between controlling weight, food, and eating and letting them control us. We need standards high enough to get results, but we don’t want to adhere to them so rigidly that we become fanatical, obsessed, and humorless – or worse, descend into life-threateningly anorexia or bulimia. The Six Kicks are ‘velvet hammers’ that keep us from crossing that fine line. They’re firm-but-flexible governors of behavior that help us be vigilant without becoming victims of the diet trap. They’re motivators. They’re the tools I used to change my life years ago and that keep me on track today.

Losing weight is one thing, and it’s hard enough. Even more challenging is keeping the weight off year after year, indefinitely. You’ll be able to persist if you give yourself just the kick you need. Sometimes your motivation flags, or tragedy strikes, or happiness hits; and to lose yourself, you lose control. Then you need a “Kick Start”. Sometimes you’re psyched and strong and only need slight nudges to keep you on track. Then you can “Kick Back”, relaxing into comfortable cruise control. But if weight starts to creep up again, you “Kick It Up a Notch”, adjusting, or ‘kicking’, your program to reflect what’s happening in your life.

Sooner or later, once again, it becomes smooth sailing and food and eating are the furthest things from your mind. Then, all you need is a gentle kick to remind yourself how pleasurable it is to be a Different Duck!

Years Later…

Still a compulsive overeater (food is my most tormenting tempation and eating my most pleasurable sensation – don’t tell my husband!), I maintain my weight loss using the Six Kicks.

Today I hold certifications by the American Council on Exercise (ACE) as a:

Currently, I offer Six Kicks seminars and workshops, facilitate weight-loss support groups, and provide individual weight-loss coaching.  In addition, I teach Step Aerobics classes and Yoga at health clubs throughout the city.

The overriding philosophy of my work is my sincere belief in your ability to change, knowing full well that if I can do it, so can you.

Understanding that each of us is unique, my goal is to help you custom-design and apply a weight-control approach that will bring the lasting results that you desire.